Pakistan commentary

Published work:

What does this budget mean? June 11, 2022. The news

Reform or perish. June 09, 2022. The News.

Action, curtains, repeat. April 2022. The News.

Landlords Inc. November, 2020. Dawn.

Why Pakistan’s new plan to fix the bureaucracy won’t work, Sep 2020. Dawn. (with Sameen Mohsin).

Sugar and the making of a rentier economy, May 2020. Express Tribune. (with Adeel Malik).

Pakistan’s urban transition, Nov 2019. Dawn

So, what comes after the IMF?Sep, 2019. Dawn.

Has Punjab just taken a step towards unlocking the potential of its cities?, Aug 2019. Dawn.

How do you pay for a programme like PTI’s Ehsas?, July 2019. Dawn.

Are insecure property rights holding back Pakistan’s economy?, Aug 2019. Dawn.

Why Pakistan will go to the IMF again, and again and again, Oct 2018. Dawn.

Imran Khan envisions a Pakistani welfare state. Is it possible?, Aug 2018. Dawn.

Reforming Pakistan’s tax system: Evidence-based suggestions, Dec 2018. IGC

For too long, Pakistani schools have been a means to provide jobs, rather than education, June 2017. The Guardian.

In media (selected):

After record floods, now Pakistan has to worry about economy. Al Jazeera. Quote. 7th Sep 2022.

Are catastrophic floods Pakistan’s new normal? Al Jazeera. Quote. 1st Sep 2022.

Pakistan on the brink. Financial Times. Quote. 4th May 2022.

Pakistan and IMF to meet over release of funds as economy falters. Agence France-Presse. Quote. 18th May 2022.

On Pakistan’s 2022 economic crises. Television interview. Dawn News. 12th May 2022.

On the end of Imran Khan’s administration. Quote. Aljazeera English. 10 Apr 2022.

On Pakistan’s COVID19 response, Television Interview. Dawn News. June, 27 2020.

On Pakistan’s social spending push, Newspaper Interview. Arab News. Jan, 26 2020.

On Imran Khan’s first year in office, Interview. BBC Urdu. Aug, 16 2019.

On décentralisation in Pakistan, Television Interview. Dawn News. May 10, 2019

On the IMF program in Pakistan, Television Interview. Dawn News.May 13 2019.

On Pakistan’s annual budget. Newspaper Interview. Dawn. Sep, 9 2018.

On urban governance in Pakistan. Television Interview. Indus News. May, 16 2019.

Podcasts etc.

On Pakistan’s budget and the need for economic reforms. The Pakistan Experience. Video Podcast. June 13th 2022.

Rupee’s Decline and Risks of Default in Pakistan. Pakistonomy. Video Podcast. Aug 4th 2022.

On taxation in Karachi. Pakistonomy. Video Podcast. Oct 29 2020

On urbanisation in Pakistan. Pakistan@100 by World Bank and LUMS.

Interview by the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics on property taxation, 2019. 

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