Shahrukh Wani (b. 1995) is an Economist at the International Growth Centre (IGC)’s Cities that Work Initiative based at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford. Here, Shahrukh works to translate research into urban policy guidance for policymakers in Africa and South Asia. His research and practice focuses on public finance and urban governance, with a particular interest in urban institutional arrangements, decentralisation, public-private partnerships, and taxation of land and property. Before his current role, Shahrukh worked on IGC’s partnership with UN-Habitat to implement the strategic phase of British Foreign Office’s £80 million Global Future Cities Programme. Prior to IGC, Shahrukh worked with ActionAid UK on taxation in Pakistan, and on poverty measurement at the Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) and the Grameen Foundation. Shahrukh is also a frequent writer on public policy, particularly on his native Pakistan, mainly for Dawn. He also occasionally talks to the press about policy issues in Pakistan, with quotes published in BBC World Service, Arab News, and Gulf Times, along with several television appearances. He tweets @ShahrukhWani and can be emailed at s[dot]rukh[at] Wani is a citizen of Pakistan, and is presently based in London.

Links: Profile on IGC | Profile on Oxford

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