Shahrukh Wani

A bit about me:

  • I’m an Economist at the International Growth Centre (IGC) based at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford working on public finance and urban governance.
  • My job is to support better urban policymaking in developing countries, I do this through (1) working directly with policymakers on specific policy reforms, (2) working with economists to create actionable research that is in-demand by policymakers, and (3) combine research and practical experiences into clearly communicable policy directions.
  • I also write on public policy in Pakistan.

I tweet @ShahrukhWani and can be emailed at s[dot]rukh[at] I’m a citizen of Pakistan, and presently live in London.

Webpages: International Growth Centre / Blavatnik School of Government

Lectures, Panels and Conferences:

  • “Institutional fragmentation in urban governance.” Presentation. Blavatnik School of Government and the Said Business School Joint Early Career Research Showcase. 3rdJuly 2019.
  • “Kabul: identity and legitimacy in a fragile context.” Panel chair and organizer. University of Oxford’s Challenges of Government Conference 2019. 31st October 2019 (video here).
  • “Financing Punjab’s cities: Land and property taxes workshop.” Speaker and workshop moderator. International Growth Center and Government of Punjab. 1st September 2019. (more)
  • “Governing fast-growing cities.” Presentation. Peking University. December 2019.
  • “Taxing Land and Property for urban service delivery in Pakistan.” Speaker. Federal Board of Revenue. Lahore, Pakistan. 3rd March 2020. (presentation here).
Moderating a panel on Kabul at the University of Oxford

Policy Publications:

  • “Designed to succeed: Building authorising environments for fast-growing cities” with Sir Paul Collier (Oxford), Edward Glaeser (Harvard), Tony Venables (Oxford), and Astrid Haas (IGC). International Growth Center.
  • “Public-private partnerships in urban settings.” with with Sir Paul Collier (Oxford), Edward Glaeser (Harvard), Tony Venables (Oxford), and Priya Manwaring (IGC). International Growth Center.
  • “Urban Property Taxes in Pakistan’s Punjab.” with Hina Shaikh (IGC) and Oliver Harman (IGC). International Growth Center.


On Pakistan:

In media

Note: I don’t represent the views of Oxford or IGC in my conversations with the press 

  • (Video, Urdu) Interview Dawn News’s primetime news program Newswise on Pakistan’s COVID19 response in June 2020.
  • (Text, English) Comments for Dawn on changes to the federal budget by the Pakistani government in Sep 2018.
  • (Text, Urdu) Interviewed by BBC’s Urdu service on Pakistan’s stock market stabilisation fund in June 2019.
  • (Text, Urdu) Interviewed by BBC’s Urdu service on Imran Khan’s first year in office in August 2019.
  • (Video, Urdu) On Dawn News’s primetime news program Newswise to talk about a new decentralisation law in Punjab. 10th of May, 2019 (video here)
  • (Video, English) On Indus Special with Ejaz Haider to talk about urban governance in Pakistan. 16th May 2019. (video here)
  • (Video, English) Interviewed by World Bank – LUMS’s collaboration Pakistan at 100 on cities in Pakistan. (video here)
  • (Video, Urdu) On Dawn News’s current affairs talkshow, Zara Hut Kay, to talk about Pakistan’s agreement with the IMF. 13th of May, 2019. (video)
  • (Text, English) Interviewed by Arab News of Pakistan’s social spending push. 26 January 2020.


  • (English) I had a conversation with Professor Jean-Paul Faguet of the London School of Economics on institutional change. (Soundcloud)
  • (English) I and, my friend, Jovan talked to Professor Naila Kabeer of the London School of Economics. (Soundcloud)
  • (English) I was interviewed as part of LSE South Asia Centre’s podcast on Cities in South Asia. (Soundcloud).